Banding & ID Solutions: Proud Members of Sassda
October 30, 2013 About Us
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Banding & ID Solutions are proud members of SASSDA (Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association)

Sassda Logo

Sassda Logo

View our SASSDA Certification Here. 

It is a mark that indicates that we can be trusted because of the Sassda code of conduct that has been adhered to, which encourages professionalism, integrity and honour.

Stainless steel has strong associations with quality, versatility, durability, sustainability, hygiene and aesthetic appeal.

All of these desirable attributes are encapsulated by the ‘cross and balls’ trademark – a mark that identifies a world-class quality stainless steel product manufactured in South Africa.

As a certified Sassda member, Banding & ID Solutions has the distinct advantage of being able to use the valuable ‘cross and balls’ trademark on our products, packaging and marketing collateral.

In a fiercely competitive market, the ‘cross and balls’ trademark effectively differentiates our products from non-member competition.

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